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    Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS)

    The main services that DSHS provides are food, cash, and medical. More information on services provided can be found on their website at:

    If students, parents, families or staff have any questions about what they may qualify for, resources they need help with or general where to go for help, please call 1-877-501-2233, 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri, or visit their website at:

    504 Coordinator
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a Federal civil rights law that is designed to help students who have a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Please contact your school counselor to discuss the appropriateness of a 504.

    Other Counseling Resources:

    • Teen Link - 1-866-TEENLINK (866) 833-6546 or (206) 461-4922. Teen Link is an anonymous confidential teen help line that is answered every evening by professionally trained youth. Teens are trained to talk with their peers about a wide variety of concerns, as well as refer callers to specialized agencies that can further address their needs.
    • Where to Turn for Teens - This booklet provides a wide variety of services to youth ranging from housing and food to counseling around mental health issues, teen parenting, substance abuse and LGBTQ issues.
    • 2-1-1 Community Information Line - 211 or (206) 461-3200
    • Crisis Clinic - Children's Crisis Outreach Response Team - (206) 461-3222 The Crisis Clinic is a 24 hour phone in help line. They are prepared to deal with all types of issues.
    • Child Protective (CPS) or Family Reconciliation Services (FRS) - (800) 609-8764 This one phone number can be used to report child abuse or to request assistance for a family that is struggling with family issues.