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Garfield Course Registration

New-To-Garfield Student Registration Help Session

For: Incoming 9th graders and students and families new to the SPS District.

When: A Virtual Registration Help Session will be hosted Wednesday, April 19 at 3-4:30 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. Registration is Required.

To Register: please send your name and email address to beginning April 3rd.

What: Help with registering for your classes. Information about Graduation Requirements. HCC, Running Start, 504’s.

Who will be there: Garfield Counselors.

How to Register

The online Fall Registration portal is open from February 9, 2023 at 9 a.m. to February 28, 2023 at 4 p.m.

  • Read the preparing to register instructions.
  • Complete the graduation checklist.
  • Complete the course request worksheet for your grade level for NEXT year, 2023-24.
  • Read the online registration instructions and submit your course requests online by February 28, 2023.
  • You may edit your online requests through February 28. The online portal is accessed via The Source, from any computer or phone.

Online Fall Registration for Seattle Public School 8th graders is in April. Registration information, including the 9th Grade Request Worksheet, is emailed to the student’s parent/guardian during Spring Break.

The online Fall Registration portal is open via the Source. 13APR to 26APR 4pm. You may make edits all the way to 26APR 4pm. If you have questions about courses, ask a teacher, current counselor, or academic support person.

After online closes, email your Course Request Worksheet directly to Garfield.

Garfield Registrar:

After April, district continues to send new assignments to high schools every week, at which time we will email the student’s parent/guardian with information for registration.

Fall Enrollment for students NEW to Seattle Public Schools starts January 3 through the District Enrollment Office.

Once District Enrollment has assigned you to Garfield, we will contact you with registration information after April 18th.

EMAIL a picture or list of your completed Course Request Work Sheet directly to Garfield’s Registrar, who will work with the counseling team to get your courses entered: Don’t forget your First and Last Name and Student ID#.

If you are requesting advanced level classes, you will need to provide academic documents (report card, transcripts, etc.) to allow our counselors and Department chairs to assess placement.

Over the Summer, the computer will use the course requests to build your schedule. Your schedule will be available one day before the start of school, via your student account on the Source

If Interested in concurrent yearlong classes at Garfield with Fall quarter Running Start, go to our Running Start webpage for directions. (You must be classified as an 11th or 12th grader by Sept 1st to do Running Start).

A records request will be made from Garfield to your prior school. To speed up the process, if you have the following documents please e-mail directly, to the Counseling Office Secretary, Traci Ikegami

  1. Copy of your prior school Transcript or Report Card.
  2. Withdrawal Grades.

Once we have received these documents your assigned Garfield counselor will contact you with your new class schedule.


Course Descriptions

Graduation Checklists

Course Request Worksheets

Math & Science Course Offerings Flow Charts

Current Garfield Student Registration Instructions

Registration documents are emailed to all students and staff, and are always available on this webpage.

  1. On The Source, review your Grade History and check-off on the Graduation Requirements Checklist all courses you have successfully completed (for which you’ve earned credit with a grade of D or higher).
  2. Using the Graduation Requirements Checklist and the Course Request Work Sheet for next year’s grade level, determine which courses you should take for the next academic year. If you have questions about courses, ask a teacher, current counselor, or academic support person.
  3. Choose your courses:
    • Choose LA, SS, Math, & Science.
    • Choose 4-5 semesters of other electives and graduation requirements. Rising 10 graders must check World Language as two of these electives.
    • Choose & mark ANOTHER 4 alternate electives with an A in the box.
    • You should have sixteen boxes marked: 12 Checked Requests + 4 A’s/Alternate electives.
  4. Other helpful information:
  5. Use your Course Request Worksheet and the Online Registration Instructions to go on The Source and enter your courses for Online Registration. 10th Grade LA is automatically assigned.

Space is limited in the AP Sciences. If requesting AP Science, please ALSO email the Registrar’s Office, Ms. Chow, with your PRIMARY and ALTERNATE science requests. (e.g. Primary: AP Chem. Alternate: AP Bio) Don’t forget your name.

Online Registration is open February 9 at 9 a.m. to February 28 at 4 p.m.

You may edit your online requests through February 28. Your online course request data will be used to create both the school’s schedule and your schedule. If you don’t register online, your counselor will choose your courses.

Online Registration is open February 9, 2023 at 9 a.m. through February 28, 2023 at 4 p.m.

Refer to your completed Course Request Work Sheet. Read all of the following instructions before proceeding.

If you don’t register online, your counselor will choose your courses.

  1. Log in to The Source with your student Source login. For Source login assistance, contact Librarian Mr. Manzin
  2. Click “CLASS REGISTRATION” in the left column, to view the course categories.
  3. Click the “PENCIL” icon to view the individual course options. Scroll to the bottom of each section; there may be more than one page available. Courses are listed alphabetically, with Seattle School District course descriptions. E.g. AP Biology is listed alphabetically before Biology H. If you’re choosing Biology H, don’t click on AP Biology.
  4. Next to the “PENCIL” icon you will see a GREEN CHECK MARK or RED EXCLAMATION POINT. Red Exclamation Point means this is a required course or you made an entry error (e.g. too many or too few courses selected).
  5. To SELECT A COURSE, CLICK ANYWHERE on the row – the row will turn blue. Click “OKAY” at the bottom right of the page. To unselect a course, click anywhere on the blue row and update your choice. Click “OKAY” at the bottom right of the page.
    • Confirm the online course title and course code with your completed Course Request Work Sheet to be sure you have the matching semester 1 and semester 2 for year-long courses (e.g. Choose Alg 2A and Alg 2B. Do not choose Alg 1A and Alg 2A.) Based on your work sheet, you should have 12 first requests (8 cores + 4 electives) which equals 6 credits. Choose 4 alternate electives.
    • Courses Allowing Repeat Requests – this category allows you to choose listed courses more than once a year. (e.g. To request a full year of Technical Theatre Adv, choose Technical Theatre Adv HCT3258 under BOTH Fine Arts and Courses Allowing Repeat Requests.)
    • Running Start (RS) – If you intend to enroll for full time RS or if you intend to take year-long Garfield classes concurrently with RS classes, you will register online for ALL RUNNING START. If you want concurrent enrollment with Garfield classes and Fall RS, see the RS section on the Garfield Counseling page.
    • Additional Requests – Ignore this District field.
  6. Once you have selected all your course requests, CLICK SUBMIT on the bottom right of the page. You will see either a list of your successful course requests OR a Submission Failed Error Message. Reasons for Error Message include:
    • Did not choose a required course (Red Exclamation Point)
    • Chose too many in one category (e.g. 3 semesters of Math classes is too many.)
    • Your grade level has a minimum/maximum credit requirement, and you chose too few or too many classes. Still getting an error message? Contact Garfield Registrar Ms. Chow, Room 104.
  7. To edit your requests after you have submitted, click on “CLASS REGISTRATION” again (See Step 2) and follow the same instructions. ALWAYS CLICK SUBMIT on the bottom right of the page to save your changes. You may edit your online requests through 28FEB22.
  8. Save a copy of your online course requests for your records.

Work with your parent/guardian, counselor or teachers to choose your course requests carefully. Garfield’s final course offerings are based on student requests collected during the spring registration process.

For the 11th and 12th grade, there are many course options available, including Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, Skills Center, College in the High School (CIHS), and Running Start at local colleges.

Work with your parent, counselor and teachers to choose a manageable load, and take care to not over-commit with academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, work and other time requirements. Use the below worksheet to project the rigor and time commitment for your schedule.

Weekly Time Commitment

  • AP, CIHS & Running Start Classes = 5-7 hrs homework per week
  • Honors Classes = 2-4 hrs homework per week
  • General Classes = 1.5-2 hrs homework per week

Weekly Time Commitment Worksheet

Course Drop/Add/Transfer/Withdrawal

Counselors will accept course change requests during the first 5 school days of the school year for 1st AND 2nd semester courses. Course change requests will ONLY be considered for the following reasons:

  • Students without a full schedule
  • Students missing a core graduation requirement (LA, Math , Science, Social Studies) or 12th grade student missing graduation requirements
  • Teacher request
  • Running Start

Courses dropped through the 5th week of the semester earn a grade of W. Courses dropped after the 5th week of the semester earn a grade of E.

Running Start (RS)

When you submit a Seattle Public Schools Running Start Fall contract, we will assume you are taking all Running Start courses. If you want to take RS and Garfield courses concurrently, you must bring a print out of your RS Fall schedule (with days and times) and a paper Course Request Work Sheet to the Garfield Registrar, Room 104, by June 15th. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the Running Start quarter schedule does not conflict with the Garfield semester schedule.

Additional Registration Information

Running Start

See Running Start page for details and forms.

Withdrawing or Not Attending Seattle Public Schools

Email the Garfield Registrar:

The Source

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