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Frequently Asked Questions

Garfield Counseling FAQ

How do I access my student’s grades?

Monitor your student’s academic progress in real time by logging in to the Source.

Do quarter grades go on my official transcript?

No – only semester grades are reflected on the transcript.

How do I know what courses count as Occupational Education, Fine Arts, general Electives, etc.?

The Course Description Guide (located on the Counseling Office – Course Registration page) will have grad determinations located at the beginning of the each course description.

How do I know if I’ve met the State Testing Requirements?

Please check with our Academic Intervention Specialist Erik Burnett

What are my options to make up courses that I didn’t pass?

There are several options for credit retrieval:

For specific questions  and information about these programs, please contact your assigned counselor.

What is the process for  Running Start sign ups and registration?

See the Running Start webpage for directions.

Where do I pick up a COMPASS Test fee waiver?

The fee for taking the COMPASS Test is $19. If you are on Free-Reduced Meals, you are eligible to receive a fee waiver from your Counselor.

You must provide a letter confirming your Free-Reduced Lunch meal status. Please contact SPS Culinary Services if you do not have a copy of your letter.

What is the difference between an official and an unofficial transcript?

Official transcripts are signed by the Principal, and sealed. Unofficial transcripts are simply copies of transcripts without an official signature or seal.

How do I order an official transcript?

Learn how to request a transcript online

Athletes: Contact the GHS Athletics Director ( to upload your transcript to the NCAA portal.

What is Common Application and how does it work?

Common Application is an online college application portal that allows students to create an account in order to apply to multiple colleges at once (not all colleges are on Common Application).

  1. Create a student account
  2. Student requests their Counselor to fill out the Secondary School Report by entering the contact information for their respective Counselor (this is part of the application process on Common Application).
  3. Counselors will then upload 3 separate School Reports (Initial, Mid Year & Final) throughout the school year.
    • These School Reports include transcripts and they will not need to be submitted separately by the student.

For college applications, how do I know if I have to order a paper transcript or if I can send an official transcript electronically?

For Common Application schools, the Counselors will send all transcripts on the students’ behalf – no need to send transcripts separately.

For other schools, please check the Admission websites to determine if they will accept unofficial copies or if they require paper hard copies of official transcripts.

Are Garfield GPA’s weighted?

No. We only use weighted GPA’s to determine class ranking. Weighted GPA’s are not published or sent to colleges.

How do I find out my class ranking?

Email your assigned counselor.

Please visit the Garfield Testing page or contact the following staff for questions:

Where do I get waivers for the ACT or SAT if I am on free/reduced meals?

Please email Ms. Tiffany Bigham, our College & Career Center Specialist, and attach your free/reduced meals verification letter.

If you need a copy of your free/reduced meals letter, please contact SPS Culinary Services.

What is the World Language Assessment and how do I register?

The goal of the World Language assessment is to support students who want to take nationally recognized world language proficiency assessments, but may not have easy access to them in their school districts, colleges, or universities.

Students register for the World Language Assessment online

Seattle World School
1698 E Union St
Seattle, WA 98122

More information about World Language Competency Testing for students and families – There are brochures in 10 languages that you can download and print