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Testing at Garfield

Any of these pathways will fulfill the requirement:

  • SBAC – must score at least Level 3
  • SAT – must score a 410 in English and/or a 430 in math
  • ACT – must score a 14 in English and/or a 16 in math
  • AP – must score a 3 or above on a math and/or English test, passing the course is not enough
  • Running Start – must pass a 100 level or above course in math and/or English
  • ASVAB – must earn a score of 31 or above, will qualify for both math and English 

Contact the following staff for questions:


The SAT is an assessment used by many colleges to evaluate applicants. SAT scores are also used in evaluating merit-based scholarship applications.

The SAT is offered at Garfield for all 11th grade students once per year (date varies), free of charge. No registration is necessary.

For SAT test prep, please visit Khan Academy website

Go to the College Board website and create an account to retrieve and send test scores to colleges, as well as to register for other SAT test dates.

AP Tests

Advanced Placement exams are typically administered in May. Students do not have to take the specific AP course in order to be eligible to take AP exams. More information, including AP exam registration.

A College Board account is needed to access scores and send the scores to colleges. Please visit the College Board AP Exam website for more information.


The ACT is an assessment used by many colleges to evaluate applicants. ACT scores can also be used to evaluate merit-based scholarship application. Register, review, and plan for the ACT.

Comparing the SAT to the ACT