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Truancy Information

Truancy at Garfield

At 4 or more unexcused absences, the truancy specialist will call or email Guardians to inform them of Student’s unexcused absences. The law requires that after three unexcused absences we schedule a phone conference or meeting with you and your child to discuss your Child’s absences.

The phone conference or meeting is to help develop a plan to ensure your child attends school on a regular basis. Please call 206-252-2285 If you have any questions.

Listed below are next level interventions if your child’s attendance does not improve.

  • 1st intervention – (at school level) Email/phone call at 4 absences.
  • 2nd intervention – (This could be an option at School level) Student will be assigned an after-school Enrichment Program. During this time students will be working on homework and or skill building modules that will help them make better decisions.
  • 3rd intervention – (at school level) Continued absences will result in a Truancy Workshop at Garfield High School. (Workshop will be held an hour before start of school)
  • 4th intervention – (at School level) Student Attendance Agreement will need to be signed between 10-15 unexcused absences to develop a plan to ensure your Student’s regular attendance.
  • 5th intervention – (at District Level) Truancy Petition filed at discretion of Truancy Rep.
  • 6th intervention – (King County level) re-engagement/Court Action after Student Attendance Agreement and continued unexcused absences.

As a reminder, Washington State truancy laws require school districts to take court action on students who have 7 or more unexcused absences in a month or 10 or more during the school year.

Garfield is dedicated to providing the best educational experience for our students and we look forward to working together with you to ensure consistent attendance in the future.