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Running Start

Running Start for Garfield Students

Want to learn more about Running Start?

The Garfield College and Career Specialists will break it down for you in this informative video: Is Running Start Right For You?

Sign-ups for Running Start classes happens 3 times a year. (Fall/Winter/Spring)

  • Spring 2022 Registration opens on February 14, 2022
  • Fall 2022 Registration opens on April 18, 2022
  • Winter 2023 Registration opens on TBD

If you are new to Seattle Public Schools, make sure you have an assignment to Garfield HS with a Student ID number before emailing Mr. Willis to complete your forms. For questions regarding your assignment contact Enrollment at 206-252-0760 or go to the District Enrollment website.

Returning Running Start Students – Registration Instructions

  1. Email Mr. Willis ( what classes you would like to enroll in at the college.
  2. Mr. Willis will complete a signed RSEVF form for you.
  3. You will take this form back to the college and finish your registration with the college. 

New to Running Start – Registration Instructions

Goal is to have all steps below complete before you leave for the summer:

  1. Email Mr. Willis ( copies of your placement test results. (Placement tests are taken through the Testing Office of the college). In your email also provide the following:
    • Student Name
    • Parent Name
    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • College ID#
    • Free/Reduced Lunch YES or NO; if yes provide him your confirmation letter from nutrition services:
    • Current Grade level
    • College attending
    • List of Fall classes you’d like to enroll in. If unsure ask him what his recommendations for you would be.
  2. Mr. Willis will complete a signed RSEVF form for you.
  3. You will take this form back to the college and finish your registration with them. 
    • Make sure you hit the college deadlines.
  4. Make sure you sign-up/attend any mandatory orientations the college has.

You must be classified as an 11th grader by September 1 to participate in Running Start.

Be aware that it is your responsibility to stay informed of what is happening at Garfield High School. Visit this Running Start page frequently or consider getting the Garfield App on your phone.

Courses taken in spring quarter of your senior year count towards your graduation requirements.

However, Running Start grades are not official before the graduation ceremony, so you must meet your graduation requirements prior to spring quarter to participate in the ceremony.


At the end of each quarter, the college will send your transcript directly to Garfield. Our counselor and registrar will then work to put these grades on your Garfield transcript.

As a Running Start student you will be maintaining two transcripts. A Seattle Public Schools transcript and a College transcript.

Please note for the 2019-2020 academic school year, Seattle Public Schools changed their grading policies regarding incoming Running Start grades. Please be aware that your two transcripts during that year may not match.

When applying to college, best practice remains to send out both your Seattle Public Schools transcript and your College transcript. It will be up to the receiving institution on what grade(s) they choose to accept.


Colleges own their grades. If you have a dispute or issue with your college grade(s) go first to the instructor then to their department chair or Running Start counselor for help.

If a grade gets changed after the initial transcript has been sent, it is up to you to request an updated one be sent to Garfield.

By submitting a contract for Fall quarter Running Start, you are indicating your intent to enroll at a local community college. With your Fall quarter Running Start contract, Garfield will cancel any Fall course requests for Garfield High School and put Running Start placeholders on your schedule.

Are you taking concurrent yearlong classes at Garfield with Fall quarter Running Start?

If you intend to take concurrent yearlong classes at Garfield with Fall quarter Running Start:

  1. Email the following materials to Ms. Chow (
    • Screenshot of your Running Start Fall quarter registration and schedule (with days and times)
    • Garfield course requests
  2. Attend the community college Orientation and Registration session to get your Running Start schedule.

Email your documents as soon as possible. The Garfield Registrar’s Office closes at the end of June. If you miss the June deadline, you will work with your Garfield counselor in the fall to schedule any Garfield concurrent classes.