Garfield Attendance

Attendance Matters… Be Present in Class, It is Your Stepping Stone to Knowledge, Power, and Your Future Success!

How to Submit the Attendance Form

  1. Complete the Garfield High School Attendance Form
    • The Form is automatically received and recorded after submitted.  Please DO NOT email a copy of the responses.
    • Ms. Hubbard MUST receive the form within TWO days of student returning to school.
    • If no reason is provided on Garfield High School Attendance Form the absence cannot be recorded for the student.
    • If your student is SICK, FIVE (5) or more CONSECUTIVE SCHOOL DAYS, a physician’s note is REQUIRED in order to excuse the absence(s). The note can be emailed to:
  2. Please allow 48 hours for Attendance changes to occur on the students record.
  3. If a student receives an automated messenger call OR email for period(s) they were NOT absent in, students must correct their attendance with their teacher.
    • For incorrect attendance entered by a teacher, the Attendance Office DOES NOT make changes.
    • Please check the Source AFTER three (3) days of talking to the teacher to make sure that the change has occurred.
  4. Please email your student’s teacher(s) if you have concerns about ANY of your student’s unexcused absence(s) in a class.