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Free Tutoring Services

Seattle Public Libraries. Various branches including Douglass Truth branch.

Khan Academy. Online Tutoring for all subjects.

Study Skills. Quick Tips.

  • Organize backpack and binders
    • No loose papers in backpack
    • Make sure to have 1 folder/section for each class / keep newest papers in front
    • Label everything with your name and date
  • Use Technology
    • Check the Source daily for updates, assignments, and other information (see librarian if you need help with log in)
    • E-mail with your teachers regularly to check in and ask questions
    • Use a to-do list/calendar app to set reminders and track deadlines on your phone (i.e. Evernote, Google Calendar, etc.)
  • Take notes during class
    • Write down any questions, notes, thoughts, or reminders when teachers are lecturing

Contact your school counselor if you need support or have questions. Counseling Office is in room 104