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    General Announcements:


    Moving Classes Around

    My student would prefer a different class schedule. Can we rearrange his/her classes?

    Unfortunately, no.  Our master schedule is created after students make their registration requests in the spring.  It is important that students seriously consider their class selections as our course offerings are developed based on these selections and students are expected to take the courses they sign up for.  Our first priority is to help students get the courses they need to graduate.  We have over 1600 students at Garfield High School.  Each student has six periods per day, creating more than 9,600 “slots”.  If we were to try to give each student the classes they want in the sequence they prefer, we would have an impossible task. 

    Switching Teachers

    My student would like to change a teacher for any reason including differences in learning styles and/or differences in personality. 

    We are unable to accommodate specific requests for teachers.  With over 1600 students at Garfield, it would be impossible to match every student to the teacher of his/her choice.  All teachers hired by Seattle public Schools are well qualified in their subjects.  Additionally, they make every attempt to teach to a variety of learning styles. 


    2nd Semester Online Credit Retrieval Signup:

    If you need to sign up for an Online Health, Washington State History, or Credit Retrieval Class stop by to see Ms. Alston in the Counseling Office Room 104, during NON-CLASS times to schedule an appointment and pick up the registration packet, beginning Wednesday, January 23.  There are limited appointments slots available, so be sure to get in early to reserve your spot! Once the appointments are filled you will have to wait until next semester to register for your online class!!! 


    Class of 2019:

    Schedule your 12th Grade Meeting in September, October or November! In this meeting we will verify that you have the courses that you need for graduation and a plan for the future. We'll discuss the college application process and other post-graduation options. Please bring a completed Letter of Recommendation Form to the meeting. See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office starting the second week of school to make your appointment during non-class times.

    FAFSA filing begins October 1st, 2018. Don't wait - gather your documents now and be ready to file! If you have questions, please see your counselor.

    12th graders need to complete the PE Competency Exam in order to meet that graduation requirement.  All 12th graders must complete this graduation requirement either by passing the Personal Fitness class or by taking the Competency Exam. If you don't know your status, check with your school counselor. Here is the link to a study guide for the exam.

    Class of 2020:

    Schedule your 11th Grade Meeting in February, March and April! See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office to make your appointment. We'll talk graduation requirements and life beyond high school!

    Class of 2021:

    Schedule your 10th Grade Meeting in December, January and February! See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office to make your appointment. We'll talk graduation and beyond!

    Class of 2022:​

    Ms. Alston will be meeting with 9th grade LA classes in the fall to complete the High School and Beyond Plan and throughout the year, supporting them in their transition to high school.