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    Attendance Secretary:  Colette Hubbard
    Room: 122
    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Phone: 206-252-2274
    Fax: 206-252-2271

    Consistent attendance is crucial to academic success. Failure to attend class prevents active student engagement.

    Attendance Forms:

    Request for Excused Absence (sample Attendance Note)

    Handwritten notes that include the required information below are also accepted:

    1. Date of Note
    2. Student's full name, grade level, and ID number (printed)
    3. Dates(s) and reason for absence
    4. Signature of parent/guardian
    5. Parent/guardian daytime phone numbers

    College Visit Letter (sample)
    Pre-Planned Absence Documentation (sample)
    Request for Pre-Planned Excused Absence

    Attendance Policies & Regulations:

    Garfield High School Attendance Regulations
    Seattle Public Schools Truancy Information

    The State Board of Education and Garfield High School identify the following as excused absences:

    • Approved pre-planned absences
    • Court summons (proof required)
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Field trips with GHS staff that have been approved by administration
    • Illness of student
    • Lack of SPS transportation (not including Metro)
    • Medical appointments
    • Observance of full day religious holidays
    • State emergency
    • Suspension
    • Violent/hazardous weather   

    The Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors has adopted an Attendance Policy and other Attendance Information.