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    Garfield offers various inter-school sports at the 3A level. Eligibility Flowchart

    To participate in Garfield sports you must achieve the following:
    (1) have earned a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in the previous semester
    (2) have passed 5 classes [2.5 credits] in the previous semester

    For Fall semester, academic eligibility will be based on last Spring's grades (even for Freshmen). If students are below the required GPA, they are allowed to participate at practice, but will not be allowed to play in games until the first Grade Check. If, at that time, the students meet the academic requirements, they will be allowed to play in games.  Transfer students must be on track to graduate before being allowed to play in contests/meets.

    All students must complete sports papers (please see Athletics Forms), have a physical exam and obtain/provide medical insurance prior to turning out for a sport. Varsity teams are fielded in all sports. Freshman and/or Junior Varsity (JV) teams are offered in many others. For details see policies.

    Athletic Eligibility, Policies & Information: