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    Running Start Memorandum of Understanding - District Form

    Mr. Willis will be closed to sign Verification Forms starting June 25th. He will reopen on August 20th.

    Fall Running Start Directions:

    1. Select your local college campus.

    2. Take Placement Tests done through the college (Check the college website for directions).

    3. After tests are taken, E-mail Garfield’s Running Start Counselor: Ray Willis at

      In your e-mail provide him the following:

      1. Electronic Enrollment Verification Form provided to you by the college. Mr. Willis will complete and return the form to you so that you may submit it to your college.

      2. Copies of your test results - Mandatory for first time Running Start students. Following quarters not necessary to submit.

      3. Any questions you may have and/or suggestions of Running Start classes you would like to take.

    4. Take your completed Electronic Enrollment Verification Form back to your college.

    5. Continue to work with your college to sign up for classes. Make sure you hit their deadlines. Make sure you sign-up/attend any mandatory orientations they may have. You will receive your Running Start schedule after you complete the college Orientation and Registration sessions.

    6. Additional step done Fall Quarter for those wanting concurrent Garfield classes. New (after June): When Mr. Willis signs your RSEVF form, let him know what Garfield courses you would like. He will be custom making your Garfield schedule.

    Additional Running Start Information:

    • You must be classified as an 11th grader by September 1st to participate in Running Start.

    • Be aware that it is your responsibility to stay informed.  Visit frequently the Running Start page on the Garfield website or consider getting the Garfield App.

    • Courses taken spring quarter of your senior year do count towards your graduation requirements.  But be aware, since Running Start grades are not official before the graduation ceremony, you must meet your graduation requirements prior to spring quarter to participate in the ceremony.

    • At the end of each quarter, the college will send your transcript directly to Garfield. Our counselor and registrar will then work to put those grades on your Garfield transcript.

    • Colleges own their grades. If you have a dispute or issue with your college grade(s) go first to the instructor then to their department chair or Running Start counselor for help.

    • If a grade gets changed after the initial transcript has been sent, it is up to you to request an updated one be sent to Garfield.

    • Sign-ups for Running Start classes happens 3 times a year. Steps #3-#5 must be repeated for Winter and Spring quarters.

    • If you are new to Seattle Public Schools, make sure you have an assignment to Garfield HS with a Student ID number before e-mailing Mr. Willis to complete your forms. For questions regarding your assignment contact Enrollment at 206.252.0760 or go to the District Enrollment website.

    Seattle Central College
    North Seattle College
    South Seattle College
    Bellevue College