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    Worksheet Registration Instructions for Returning Students

    10th/11th/12th Counselors:
    Mr. Lee (A –J)
    Ms. Thomas (K-Z)
    Mr. Courtney (HCC)
    Mr. Willis (Running Start)

    9th Counselor:
    Ms. Alston

    On MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11th in Advisory Class:


    • Registration Work Sheet Instructions for completing the Course Request Work Sheet
    • Online Registration Instructions for inputting data from your completed Course Request Work Sheet
    • Course Request Work Sheet
    • Graduation Requirements Checklist
    • Garfield Schedule Requests, Changes & Course Withdrawals (w/Weekly Time Commitment Work Sheet)
    • Student Transcript (Semester 1 2018-19 grades not available, yet.)
    • Work Load Commitment for Multiple AP Courses

    Review the online Garfield Registration Guide & Course Descriptions for Garfield-specific course information.

    STEP 1: Review your transcript and check-off on the Graduation Requirements Checklist all courses you have successfully completed (for which you’ve earned credit with a grade of D or higher).

    STEP 2: Using the Graduation Requirements Checklist, the online Garfield Registration Guide & Course Descriptions, and the Weekly Time Commitment Work Sheet, determine which courses you should take for the next academic year.

    STEP 3:

    • CHOOSE LA, SS, Math, & Science.
    • CHOOSE 4-5 semesters of other electives and graduation requirements. Class of 2022 must check World Language as two of these electives.
    • Choose & mark ANOTHER 4 alternate electives with an A in the box.
    • You should have sixteen boxes marked: 12 CHECKED REQUESTS + 4 A’s/ALTERNATE electives.
    • Space is limited in the AP Sciences. If choosing AP Science, please submit to the Registrar’s Office, Room 104, a Course Request Work Sheet with an alternate science course marked with A’s. Don’t forget your name.

    STEP 4: Garfield requests you limit your schedule to three (3) AP courses per year. If you choose to request more than 3 AP courses per year, you must complete the Work Load Commitment form and submit to the Registrar’s Office.

    STEP 5: Use your Course Request Work Sheet to enter your courses for Online Registration. 10th Grade LA is automatically assigned. See the Online Registration Instructions.

    Online Registration is open February 11th 9 a.m. to February 28th 4 p.m.

    Your online course request data will be used to create your schedule. If you don’t register online, your counselor will choose your courses.

    Updated 2/11/19