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    New 9th Graders - Registration Instructions

    Registration Documents:

    • Registration Worksheet Instructions for completing the Course Request Work Sheet
    • Online Registration Instructions for inputting data from your completed Course Request Work Sheet
    • Course Request Worksheet
    • Graduation Requirements Checklist
    • Garfield Schedule Requests, Changes & Course Withdrawals (w/Weekly Time Commitment Work Sheet)

    Review the online Garfield Registration Guide & Course Descriptions for Garfield-specific course information.

    Registration Worksheet Instructions:

    STEP 1: With your parent/guardian, teacher or middle school counselor, review the Graduation Requirements Checklist, the online Garfield Registration Guide & Course Descriptions and the Weekly Time Commitment Work Sheet to determine which courses you should take for the next academic year.

    STEP 2: CHECK the matching semester 1 and semester 2 for math on the worksheet. Most 9th graders take Algebra 1A HMA2684 and Algebra 1B HMA2686. All 9th graders are automatically enrolled for Intro to Literature Honors, World History Honors, and Science. Most 9th graders get PhysicsA/ChemA, HCC students will get PhysicsB/ChemB. If you are submitting an application for the double math program, sign up for Algebra 1A/B and two other electives; students accepted for the double math program will have their schedules adjusted in August.

    STEP 3: CHECK FOUR (4) semesters of electives on the worksheet. We recommend World Language, PE and Health. Choose & mark ANOTHER 2 alternate electives with an A in the box. An “S” in the left column = semester long. A “Y” in the left column = year long. You should have eight boxes marked: 6 CHECKED REQUESTS + 2 A’s/ALTERNATE electives.

    IF YOU ARE A CURRENT 8TH GRADER AT SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Use your completed Course Request Worksheet to enter your Online Registration via The Source. See the other side for Online Registration Instructions. Your middle school counselor can help.

    IF YOU ARE NEW TO SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: District will not give you access to Online Registration until the Fall, so Garfield will manually enter your course requests for you. For students new to Seattle Public Schools please EMAIL your completed Course Request Worksheet and supporting academic documents to Garfield:

    Garfield Registrar:

    Academic documents (report card, transcript, standardized test scores, etc.) and letters of recommendation will allow our counselors and Department chairs to best assess core and advanced subject placement.


    Online Registration for current SPS 8th Graders is open via The Source
    April 15th 6AM to April 30th 4PM