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    2018/2019 Course Registration:
    Download the 2018/2019 course registration forms and return to GHS counseling office.

    2018-19 Course Descriptions

    Course Change Requests:
    ONLY students who have holes in their schedule (not scheduled for 6 courses per semester), 12th grade students who are missing a graduation requirement, and Running Start students who need to adjust their schedules will be considered for a course change request. Course change request forms must be submitted within the first 3 school days. Due to a lack of time and resources and the high number of requests, Counselors WILL NOT accept or consider course change requests for teacher/course preferences other than the circumstances mentioned above.

    Newly Assigned Students for the Current School Year: Contact Ms. Chow, the registrar 206-252-2364. She will verify your enrollment at GHS and Ms. Ikegami, the counseling secretary 206-252-2304, will collect the required documents for your intake meeting which include: Transcript, Current Withdrawal Grades, Discipline History, Attendance Records, State Testing Scores, IEP Documentation (if applicable), and 504 Plan (if applicable).  Once the documents have been received, Ms. Ikegami will schedule your mandatory intake meeting with the principal and your counselor.

    *AP and Honors courses require additional homework.  Careful consideration regarding the number of AP and Honors courses and your commitments to activities is vital to ensure that your high school experience is not overly stressful! 

    Planning Your Garfield Schedule
    Work Load Commitment Multiple AP

    If you are a new GHS student, joining us for the 2019/2020 school year, you should receive a Registration Packet in mid-April by mail. 

    If you are assigned to GHS after mid-April, you will be mailed your packet.

    Please follow the directions in your Registration Packet.

    8th graders in a SPS middle school:  The Counselors will meet with students who attend Seattle Public Schools (SPS) at their middle school in late April and early May.  

    Online Credit Retrieval Courses: Please contact Ms. Alston in early September for the next registration period. Do you need to make up a class for graduation?  Can't fit Health or WA State into your schedule? Then the online credit retrieval program is for you! Appointments are on a first come first served basis, so get in early to reserve your spot, once they are gone you will have to wait until the next available semester to sign up!!!  Ms. Alston, 206-252-2280

    Running Start Courses: You must fill out and take the Running Start application to your Seattle Public Schools counselor prior to registering for and attending Running Start courses each quarter. See Running Start page for additional information.