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    Good afternoon –

    Below is a schedule of things taking place this week as the 19-20 school year comes to an end:

    June 15-16

    Finals for all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students are Monday (June 15) and Tuesday (June 16).

    June 17-18

    Pay Fines - You can check to see if you have fines on the Source.  Parents, if you would like to pay these fines on-line, you can do so on SchoolPay. This must be done from the parent school portal on the Source. Once paid, it may still show up to 24 hours, as the system updates each evening. Once paid, a copy of the SchoolPay transaction will need to be sent to Ms. Hurd at so that the fine may be cleared.

    If you are having trouble, please feel free to reply to Ms. Hurd and she can let  you know if your student has any fines and also send you the link to pay the fee.  

    Return Textbooks/Library Books/Pick Up Locker Items - Books may be returned, items left in lockers picked up and fines paid in person at the school on June 17-18, at the Garfield Main Doors. Accepted forms of payment are card (debit or credit) or cash (exact change only).   In order to keep both our families and our faculty safe, those planning on coming to the school will be asked to comply with state and local social distancing guidelines, including wearing some form of mask or face covering and staying a distance of 6 feet from each other.  Here is a link for further information -  Sanitizer will be available.  Again, for the safety of everyone, please make sure you come at your scheduled time:

    June 17

    A – B     9:00a

    C – D     10:00a

    E – F      11:00a

    G – H     12:00p

    I – J        1:00p

    K – L      2:00 (ending at 2:45p)

    June 18

    M -N     9:00a

    O – P     10:00a

    Q – R     11:00a

    S – T      12:00p

    U – V     1:00p

    W – Z    2:00p (ending at 2:45p)

    June 19 - Last Day of School
    Make Up Time to return any books (if you missed your time or are unable to come during your scheduled time) – 10:00a – 12:00p

    Below are answers to some anticipated questions:

    1. I am unable to come to the school during my designated time – may I show up at any other time?  No – the schedule has been set to keep both our families and faculty safe.  If you have fines and are unable to come during your scheduled time, please come during the make-up time on June 19.
    2. What forms of payment are accepted? Debit/credit card  or cash (exact change) only.
    3. I played a sport and have my uniform  - what should I do?  Please contact your coach and make arrangements to get the uniform to them.  The coach should then email our Fiscal Specialist so your fine may be cleared. 
    4. My teacher has books checked out to me in their rooms – what should I do?  Please email your teacher and ask them how this can be taken care of.
    5. There is a fine on my account that was previously paid – how can it be removed?  Please email our Fiscal Specialist, Ms. Hurd (, a copy of the receipt showing fine was paid so it can be removed.
    6. I lost a textbook – may I replace it with another copy rather than paying the fine?  Please email our librarian, Mr. Manzin, and ask him if this can be done.

    Thank you!