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    Why Go To College?

    "The Rising Cost of NOT Going to College"

    The College Process: Preparing for College

    Testing Information and Resources:

    College Board AP & SAT data  State - District - Garfield

    The College Process: Steps to Apply to College

    • Start thinking about college early; your course selection, grade point average, involvement in activities at school and in the community, along with your scores on college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) are all factors that are considered by colleges in the application process.
    • Please be aware that in some cases colleges request your discipline information. 
    • Each counselor will explain their process for supporting your application to colleges during your Junior Meeting and again during your Senior Meeting.
    • This can be a very complicated process so be sure to work closely with your counselor and be aware of application deadlines!
    • You will need to complete your application in a timely manner and as thoughtfully as possible. 
    • You may need to request documents from the counseling office, teachers and counselors, depending on the schools that you are applying too. These could include Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, School Profile and Secondary School Report. 
      • Please try to give individuals working with you on your application at least two weeks to process your requests.
      • Not all schools require additional documents and not all students will want or need a letter from their counselors. 
      • If documents are required by colleges, they are confidential and considered part of your application.

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