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    Garfield Parent-Teacher-Student Association

    Garfield High School is unique among Seattle public high schools in our diversity of families, class offerings, sports and activities, and exceptionally talented students.

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    About our PTSA

    Garfield's Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) engages parents, faculty, students, and staff in a creative collaboration that boosts the energy and optimism that keeps our school a first choice among Seattle Public Schools. We are affiliated with the Seattle Council PTSA and Washington State PTA.

    The PTSA has been Garfield's most enduring school support organization. Besides the source of volunteer energy in the classrooms, the PTSA also contributes almost $200,000 in annual giving for school projects, and provides political advocacy for enhanced district and state funding for education.

    With over 1,600 students, 130 faculty, and a host of volunteers, Garfield is a big and busy place! On our PTSA website, you will find many tools to help you navigate the building, including the school handbook, the eBark (PTSA's newsletter), the website, and e-mail updates.

    eBark our PTSA Newsletter

    The eBark is a newsletter of school and community news, events and information produced by the Garfield High School PTSA.

    Find the eBark on the PTSA website!

    Learn More! - All PTSA Information at our PTSA website