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    Garfield Race and Equity Team Student Survey
    Posted on 01/30/2019

    Why this survey?


    Garfield’s RET is working with King County BEST Start for kids and with Rethinking Schools to provide Garfield Teachers with training in Ethnic Studies. The goal is to help staff develop their curriculum to be more culturally responsive and relevant. Garfield’s RET is also working with staff to be more effective in how we incorporate Black Lives Matter themes into our curriculum in February.


     One requirement of the grant is we do surveys to see how well this process is evolving. Thus, we need your feedback. 


    ** Your responses are reflection of all your classes and time at Garfield.

    Please click the link below to start the survey:



    For Questions 1 to 5:   For each of the following questions you are  answering in a sliding scale Never to Always.

    1 = Never     2 = Occasionally     3 = Neutral    

    4 = Regularly            5 = Always     N/A = Not Applicable

    For Questions 6 10 These are Agree Disagree Questions. #s are      how strong of an agree - disagree.

    1 = Disagree     2 = Somewhat Disagree     3 = Neutral    

    4 = Somewhat Agree     5 = Agree     N/A = Not Applicable




    Thanks for your feedback!


    And a reminder – All Garfield RET Meetings are open to all members of the Garfield Community, including Students. More voices equal a better process!!


    Garfield RET meetings are every other Wednesday @ 2:45 in room 225.