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    The list will be updated as new clubs are added!

    *Note: Clubs listed here include only clubs that meet district ASB requirements. Some activities, such as girls' lacrosse and ultimate frisbee, used to be considered "club sports". Due to district regulations, GHS no longer offers these or other sports as clubs. Please search community resources for information about these activities.

    Name Time of Meeting Place Advisor
    African Student Union (ASU) Thurs, Lunch 330 Sloan
    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Wed, Lunch 223A Young, D.
    Anime Club Wed, Lunch 239 Johnston
    Black Student Union (BSU) Tue, Lunch 223 Hagopian
    Book Club Tues, Lunch 217 Burton
    Build On Tue, Lunch 320 Cohan
    Bulldog Prevention Squad (BPS) Thurs, Lunch 100a Bock-Grande
    Chess Club Tue, After School 309 Nomura
    CORE  Mon, Lunch (Staff) 232 Neufeld-Kaiser
    Debate Club Tue/Thu, After School 202/203 Young, E.
    Earth Service Corps Mon, Lunch 225 Truax
    Engineering Club Wed, Lunch 115 Bergquist
    Francophone Club Thurs, Lunch 215 Lidgard
    Gardening Club Weds, Lunch Greenhouse Finley
    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Wed, Lunch 320 Moore
    Girls Who Code Mon, After School 115 Cohan
    Improv Club Fri, After School 3:45-5:30 Black Box Hawk
    Intersectional Feminist Club Fri, Lunch 302 Hungate-Hawk
    Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) Tues, Lunch 223a Young, D.
    Key Club Wed, Lunch 338 Butler
    KPOP Club Tues, Lunch 204 Gish
    Marine Ecology Club Thurs, Lunch 240 Spangenburg
    Math Team Fri, Lunch 341 DiIorio
    Mock Trial Tues, After School (3:55-5:00) 226 Lidgard
    Model United Nations (MUN) Mon, Lunch 227 Snyder
    Multiracial Student Union Wed, Lunch 226 Lidgard
    Pen Weds, Lunch 303A Taylor
    Philosophy Club Fri, After School 321 Sample
    Programming Club Mon/Fri, Lunch 115A Bergquist
    Project PengYou Every other Tues, Lunch, 11/21 221 Wray
    Raza Unidas  Mon, Lunch 236 Perez
    Robotics Club Tue/Fri, After School 115 Bergquist/Fell
    Set Club Thurs, Lunch 309 Nomura
    Trivia Club Fri, Lunch 309 Nomura
    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Fri, Lunch 207 Kahn
    Water First every other Monday, Lunch 223a Young, D.
    Women in Technology Tue, Lunch 115 Bergquist
    Young Photographers Association Fri, Lunch 301 Louviere