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    Garfield Course Registration

    Online Fall Registration for Returning Garfield Students is in February. Information will be handed out in Advisory class on Tuesday (2/26/19). If you don't have Advisory, download the attached registration forms or see the Registrar in Room 104. Online Fall Registration will close 11:59PM, 3/8/19.

    New-Online Fall Registration for Seattle Public School 8th graders is in April. Registration information, including 9th Grade Request Sheet, will be mailed to student's home during Spring Break. Registration will be open via the Source at 9:00AM on 4/8/19. It will close at 11:59PM on 4/25/19.

    Fall Registration for students NEW to Seattle Public Schools is in April. Registration information, including Request Sheet will be mailed to student's home during Spring Break. District will not give you access to Online Registration until Fall, so Garfield will manually enter your course requests this year. Please mail your completed Course Request Sheet and supporting academic documents to Garfield:

    Garfield High School
    Attn: Counseling/Registration
    400 23rd Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98122

    Academic documents (report card, transcripts, standardized test scores etc.) and letters of recommendation will allow our counselors and Department chairs to best assess core and advanced subject placement.

    New- Registration Workshops- Open to All:
    Wednesday, April 17th and 24th from 3:00PM to 5:00PM, in the Garfield HS Library.

    Registration Resources:

    Registration Guide and Course Descriptions 2018-2019
    Graduation Checklist for Class of 2019 and 2020
    Graduation Checklist for Class of 2021 and beyond
    9th Grade Request Sheet - 2018-2019 - Sample
    10th Grade Request Sheet - 2019-2020
    11th Grade Request Sheet - 2019-2020
    12th Grade Request Sheet - 2019-2020
    Online Registration Instructions for Returning Students - 2019-2020
    Worksheet Registration Instructions for Returning Students 2019 - 2020
    Online Registration Workshops
    Schedule Requests, Changes, and Course Withdrawals

    AP Courses: If taking more than 3 AP courses, submit this form to the Counseling Office. Work Load Commitment Multiple AP.

    Online Credit Courses:
    Health, WA State History

    Online Credit Retrieval Courses:
    Algebra 1A, Algebra 1B, Geometry A, Geometry B, Algebra 2A, Algebra 2B, LA9A, LA9B, LA10A, LA10B, LA11A, LA11B, LA 12A, LA12B, WH1, WH2, US History 11A, US History 11B, American Government 

    See Ms. Alston in early September to register for 1st semester courses and in the 2nd week in January to register for 2nd semester courses.

    Running Start:
    See Running Start page for details and forms.

    Newly Assigned Students during the Current School Year
    Submit the required documents for your intake meeting: Transcript, Current Withdrawal Grades, Discipline History, Attendance Records, State Testing Scores, IEP Documentation (if applicable), and 504 Plan (if applicable). Schedule your mandatory intake meeting with the principal and your counselor, (206) 252-2304 or

    Course Change Requests:
    ONLY students who have holes in their schedule (not scheduled for 6 courses per semester), 12th grade students who are missing a graduation requirement, and Running Start students who need to adjust their schedules will be considered for a course change request. All course change requests must be made within the first 5 school days of 1st semester and must account for both 1st and 2nd semester courses. There will be no course change requests accepted at the start of 2nd semester.

    Seattle Public Schools publishes all student schedules on The Source, one day before the semester starts.

    Access the Source at:
    Questions and support: