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    How to Pay for College


    There are tens of thousands of scholarships available from tens of thousands of organizations across the country. So the good news is that there is lots of free money to go to college. The challenge is that there is not one central website that has all the scholarships you could qualify for. You will have to do your homework, make lists of websites and scholarships, use your organizational skills and time management skills to keep track of the scholarships, application deadlines, and amount of money you qualify for. It is possible to go to college for free if you put in the effort to research, find, and track the scholarships you qualify for.

    Do not ever pay for a scholarship search. Reputable web sites are free.

    Good places to start a scholarship search

    1. - Everything there is to know about financial aid
    2. - Supposedly the best web site for scholarships in the NW
    3. - Scholarship search created by UW Students
    4. - 700 scholarships given out annually for STEM and Health Care
    5. - Dept of Education Student Aid Information

     Additional Sites
    6. - College Success Foundation scholarship information and grade by grade planning guides.
    7. - AmeriCorps national service program. Tuition assistance.
    8. - Asian and Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund
    9. - Selects colleges, fin aid info and scholarships and more
    10. - American Indian College Fund
    11. - College Planning and Scholarship Search
    12. - Scholarship search
    13. - Pacific NW Scholarship Guide. Local scholarship sources.
    14. - Scholarship search
    15. - Scholarship search
    16. - Links to nursing scholarships
    17. - Hispanic Scholarship Fund
    18. - Selects colleges, fin aid info and scholarships
    19. - Sallie Mae Scholarship Search
    20. - Financial aid scholarship search.
    21. - Scholarship search
    22. - United Negro College Fund
    23. - Scholarship search
    24. - Thurgood Marshall Fund
    25. - Western Undergraduate Exchange - WA residents pays 1.5x tuition