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Class of 2017 - It's time to sign up for your Sophomore MeetingSophomore Meetings with your counselor can now be scheduled with Ms. Quay in the Counseling Office. This meeting is mandatory for ALL sophomores. During the Sophomore Meeting, we will discuss your plan for graduation and your plans for life after graduation. Please stop by the Counseling Office to make your appointment.

Newly Assigned Students
Ms. Hauser, the registrar (206.252.2285), will verify your enrollment at GHS and 
Ms. Ikegami, the counseling secretary (206.252.2304), will collect the records required for your intake meeting.  
The documents required are: Transcript, Current Withdrawal Grades, Immunization Records, Discipline History, Attendance Records, State Testing Scores, IEP Documentation (if applicable), and 504 Plan (if applicable). 
 Once the documents have been received, Ms. Ikegami will schedule your mandatory intake meeting with the principal and your counselor.  Here is a link to the New Student Check List.

504 Coordinator:    Ms. Du Bois is Garfield's 504 Coordinator.  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) is a Federal civil rights law that is designed to help students who have a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  Please contact your counselor or Ms. Du Bois to discuss the appropriatenes of a 504.  Their contact information is listed below.

Online Credit Retrieval Courses:  Online Registration is now full and officially closed for 1st semester...
Stay tuned for 2nd semester registration dates!!!
Do you need to make up a class for graduation?  Can't fit Heath or Washinton State History in your schedule?  Then the online Credit retrieval program is for you!  Registration appointments will begin in January.  At that time you can stop by to see Ms. Alston in the Counseling Office to sign up for an appointment during NON-CLASS times.  Appointments are on a first come first served basis, so get in early to reserve you spot, once they are gone you will have to wait until next smester to sign up.

Please check with your counselor to decide what course(s) you need, then stop by to see Ms. Alston during non-class times (before/afterschool or break/lunch) on MONDAYS ONLY for a registration appointment and more info!!!  
Ms. Alston,    (206) 252-2280 

ParentsBeing involved in school and your child's education is just as important today as it was at the beginning of the school year.  Here are some highlights of research findings on parent involvement in education.

PE Competency Exam:  This graduation requirement was offered for seniors on 10/15 (the same day as the PSAT) at 9:30 in the GHS GymAll seniors must complete this graduation requirement either by passing the Personal Fitness class or by taking the exam. If you don't know your status, check with your counselor.  See the Senior section below for a study guide for this exam.  This Exam will be offered again in March.

Counseling Department Update 2014-2015:  The Counseling Office is changing and evolving. 
Please read this letter of explanation from the GHS Counseling Department.

About Us            

  Room:  104   Phone: (206) 252-2304
  Hours:  7:20 am - 2:50 pm, Monday - Friday   Fax:  (206) 252-2271

Garfield's 2014-2015 Counselors:
Assignments by Last Name
for 10th - 12th graders:

   A - G                
Daniel Lee, Head Counselor         (206) 252-2365 

   H - N                Ray Willis, Counselor                 (206) 252-2367

   O - Z                Ken Courtney, Counselor              (206) 252-2366

   9th Grade        Kandace Alston, Counselor         (206) 252-2280
   Credit Retrieval - 
Kandace Alston                         (206) 252-2280

Counseling Support Staff:

   Counseling Secretary - Tracy Ikegami                  (206) 252-2304

   Registrar - Gertraud Hauser                                   (206) 252-2285 

   Academic Dean - Kris McBride                          (206) 252-2362

   504 Coordinator - Janett Du Bois                           (206) 252-2362   

School Psychologist - 
Mallory Blackburn               (206) 252-2364   

   College and Career Center - Derek Sparks          (206) 252-2444


  • Credit Retrieval Courses:  Please make an appointment with your Academic Counselor to decide what course or courses you need to take online, then stop by to see Ms. Alston, in the Counseling Office on MONDAYS ONLY to determine the cost and fees associated.   

  • Seniors: Final Transcripts are mailed each summer, the week of July 4th, if you submit a stamped and addressed envelope to the counseling office.  Diplomas can be picked up starting in September, during non-school hours. 
  • Schedules for 2014-2015: Schedules will be available for students to pick up at orientation in late August.  Schedule changes require a completed Request for Course Change Form.  The forms are available in the "Counseling Forms" section on this web page.  Please follow the directions on the form for requesting a change of classes.  Please be aware that there is a very small window during which you can request changes and that there is a different form for 1st and 2nd semester. 
    • New students should contact Ms. Hauser at 252-2285.
  • Running Start Students:  You must fill out the Running Start Form found below under "Counseling Forms" and submit this to your Seattle Public Schools counselor prior to registering for and attending Running Start courses.
  • Summer Letters: Letters are mailed each summer by your student's counselor that show their progress towards graduation.  They include an Academic History, a Transcript, a checklist to be reviewed by the student and their family, and a letter that states any deficites.  Please read this carefully, (especially the upcoming graduating class!) and see your counselor in the fall with any questions.

College & Career Info

  • Stop by Rm 103 for College and Career resources. 
  • Click this link to visit the College & Career Center web page for college and career information, along with enrichment opportunities.
  • Additional College and Career resources, along with Scholarship Information can be found College & Career Center web page.
  • Applying to College
    • Start thinking about college early; your course selection, grade point average, involvement in activities at school and in the community, along with your scores on college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) are all factors that are considered by colleges in the application process.
    • Please be aware that in some cases colleges request your discipline information. 
    • Each counselor will explain their process for supporting your application to colleges during your Junior Meeting and again during your Senior Meeting.
    • This can be a very complicated process so be sure to work closely with your counselor and be aware of application deadlines!
    • You will need to complete your application in a timely manner and as thoughtfully as possible. 
    • You may need to request documents from the counseling office, teachers and counselors, depending on the schools that you are applying too. These could include Transcripts, School Profile and Secondary School Report, as well as Mid-Year and Final Reports. 
      • Please try to give individuals working with you on your application at least two weeks to process your requests.
      • Not all schools require additional documents and not all students will want or need a letter of recommendation from their teachers. 
      • If documents are required by colleges, they are confidential and considered part of your application.

Counseling Forms

The forms listed are available for use during the 2013-2014 school year and over the summer. They are in PDF format. Please be sure to meet deadlines posted in the counseling office, daily bulletin and linked on the Academics Home page.

Alternative Course of Study
Former Student, Summer and Phone Transcript Request
Grade Review Form
Graduation Check List - Class of 2014-2015
Graduation Check List - Class of 2016 +
Occupational Education Waiver Request
Physical Education Waiver and Log
Request for Course Change - 1st Semester 
Request for Course Change - 2nd Semester
Request for Letter of Recommendation
Request for "P" or "I"  (Pass or Incomplete) Grade
Running Start Form -  complete this prior to your RS appointment with your counselor!
School Profile
Service Learning
TA Contract 

Grade Appeal Process

According to the School District policies, teachers have the academic freedom and independence in the classroom to grade students as they see fit. Here are the instructions on the correct procedure to file a Grade Appeal. Please see your counselor for a hard copy. 
Step ONE: Talk with the teacher about your grade. See if the two of you can come up with a fair solution to resolve the matter. 
Step TWO: Speak with the Department Chair if you and your teacher can’t come to a satisfactory resolution.  Talking with the department chair is just to have a third party take a look at the evidence.  The department chair may not be able to intervene.
Step THREE: Meet with the principal only if you can prove extreme discrimination or biased behavior in the grading process.  You will receive a "P" grade if it has been determined that you were indeed discriminated against.

Grade Level Information

Class of 2015 - Seniors

  • Schedule your meeting in September or October!  See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office starting the second week of school to make your appointment or send an email to your counselor.  Please provide several options for the time of your meeting.  We'll check your graduation requirements, make sure you have the right courses and talk about life after high school!
  • Seniors need to complete the PE Cognitive Exam in order to meet that graduation requirement.  Here is the link to a study guide for the exam. This document is also found on the district's website under Students/ Academics/ Physical Education and on the righ side of the page.

Class of 2016 - Juniors

  • Schedule your meeting in March or April!  See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office to make your appointment or send an email to your counselor.  Please provide several options for the time of your meeting.  We'll talk graduation and beyond!

Class of 2017 - Sophomores

  • Schedule your meeting in December or January!  See the counseling secretary in the Counseling Office to make your appointment or send an email to your counselor.  Please provide several options for the time of your meeting.  We'll talk about course selection and planning for the future

Class of 2018 - Freshmen

  •  We meet with Freshman LA classes in the fall to complete the High School and Beyond Plan

Other Resources

  • Teen Health Center (THC) - (206) 860-0480
  • School Nurse - Miller Sherling, RN, MSN has her office in the THC (206) 252-2277
  • Teen Link - 1-866-TEENLINK (1-866-833-6546) or (206) 461-4922. Teen Link is an anonymous confidential teen help line that is answered every evening by professionally trained youth. Teens are trained to talk with their peers about a wide variety of concerns, as well as refer callers to specialized agencies that can further address their needs.
  • Where to Turn for Teens - This booklet provides a wide variety of services to youth ranging from housing and food to counseling around mental health issues, teen parenting, substance abuse and GBLTQ issues.
  • 2-1-1 Community Information Line - 211 or (206) 461-3200
  • Crisis Clinic - Children's Crisis Outreach Response Team - (206) 461-3222  The Crisis Clinic is a 24 hour phone in help line. They are prepared to deal with all types of issues. 
  • Child Protective (CPS) or Family Reconciliation Services (FRS) - 1.800.609.8764  This one phone number can be used to report child abuse or to request assistance for a family that is struggling with family issues.

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