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    Garfield Clubs are student-led groups that include a staff adviser. List of current clubs.

    Some are sponsored by local, state, national or international organizations such as ACLU, Junior Statesmen of America, Key Club, and Amnesty International.

    Other clubs, like Cultural Relations and Richard's Rwanda-IMPUHWE, were created by students in the past and sustained by students today.

    GHS students participate in over 60 clubs that cover a variety of interests from social activism and community service to ethnic identity, personal support, and hobbies.

    Want to join a Club? Simply show up to a meeting!

    Want to start a Club? Fill out the paperwork below by 1/31/18!

    Forms and Documents

    Blank Club Application to start a new club or submit online HERE
    Blank Club Verification for existing clubs or submit online HERE
    Establish a Club Budget for Monetized Clubs (due at club establishment or verification)
    Write your Constitution
    Blank Club Minutes Form or submit minutes online HERE
    Plan a Fundraiser for your Club
    Plan a Charitable Activity
    Plan an Event for your Club (for fun or education or as a fundraiser for your club!)

    Active GHS Clubs as of 9/22/2017:
    Name Time of Meeting Place Advisor Description
    African Student Union (ASU) Wed, Lunch 224 Simoneaux A group to share African culture
    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Tue, Lunch 227 Young, D. Help defend civil liberties and freedom in our country;
    Anime Club Wed, Lunch 239 Johnston Enjoy watching anime while eating lunch
    Asian American Association Tues Lunch
    Johnston To help the Asian American community organize and establish a voice in the Garfield community.
    Black Student Union (BSU) Tue, Lunch 201 Hagopian Establish a cohesive union of black students, faculty, and community members
    Blue Nile Bulldogs Fri, Lunch 320 Cohan Sponsor an orphan in Addis Ababa
    Book Club Tues, Lunch 217 Burton Read and discuss a variety of books.
    Build On Tue, Lunch 320 Cohan Raise funds to build schools in impoverished countries
    Bulldog Prevention Squad (BPS) Thurs, Lunch 106 Bock-Grande Promote safety in and around GHS
    Bulldogs for Seattle Children's Hospital Thurs, Lunch 205 Soroko Raise awareness and funds to support Seattle Children's Hospital
    Chess Club Tue, After School 309 Nomura GHS Chess Team
    Climbing Club Wed, Lunch 321 Sample Connect GHS climbers
    CORE Thurs, Lunch (Staff) 232 Neufeld-Kaiser Cultural relations retreats where there are discussions about diversity at GHS
    Creative Writing Club Tue, Lunch 207 Kahn Give students a chance to enjoy creative writing
    Debate Club Tue/Thu, After School 202/203 Young, E. Learn to debate and compete in debate competitions
    DECA - Distributive Education Clubs of America Thurs, Lunch (Exec Council) 119 Thomas Group works with marketing and Student Store, as well as attending competitions
    Digital Arts Club Tue/Thu, After School 115 Rossman Improve digital arts skills and help others gain knowledge of digital arts
    Earth Service Corps Mon, Lunch 225 Truax Focus on conservation of earth. Community service hours available!;
    Engineering Club Wed, Lunch 115 Bergquist Focused on supplementing the Engineering Curriculum with hands-on activities
    Fashion Club Mon, After School 115B Hardy Advance understanding of art fashion, design, merchandising of the world
    Film Club Mon, Lunch 224 Simoneaux Critique film and cinema, and make and watch films
    Food Club Tue, Lunch 224 Simoneaux Educate about nutritious food, raise awareness about global hunger and do community service.
    Francophone Club Thurs, Lunch 215 Lidgard French tutoring and exploring cultures of Francophone countries
    Garden Club Thurs, Lunch Greenhouse Finley To create a fully functional greenhouse, as well as engage GHS students
    Garfield Thespians Fri, Lunch Black Box Hawk All-inclusive, all-abilities, all-fun performing arts group (@GHSDramaClub);
    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Wed, Lunch 320 Moore Provide a safe space to discuss sexual orientation and issues
    Girls Who Code Mon, After School 115 Cohan Encourage women and women of color to learn about computer science engineering
    Glee Club Wed, Lunch 217 Burton Create a welcoming environment where people can sing.
    Honors for All Tues, Lunch
    Martin Create community in Honors-For-All classes and tackle any problems that may arise in those classes.
    HPV Vaccination Campaign Mon, Lunch 106 Andersen Educate students about causes of HPV and protection methods
    Improv Club Fri, After School Black Box Hawk Learn different acting techniques, meet new friends, and develop skills
    Intersectional Feminist Club Fri, Lunch 302 Hungate-Hawk Educate students about problems women face and gender equality
    Japanese Club Thurs, Lunch 239 Johnston Learn about Japanese culture
    Japanese National Honor Society Tue, Lunch 239 Antoncich To provide recognition for academically achieved success in Japanese.
    Jewish Student Union (JSU) Tues, Lunch 202 Young, E. To connect Jewish students and take part in traditional Jewish activities
    Junior Classical League/ Latin Club (JCL) Thurs, Lunch 310 Miller Study of Latin, Roman, Greek culture and history;
    Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) Tues, Lunch 223a Young, D. Political activism through debate and action;
    Key Club Wed, Lunch 338 Butler Perform service, build character, and develop leadership
    Knitting Club Thurs, Lunch 302 Hungate-Hawk To teach and improve knitting and crocheting skills
    Korean Drama Club Thurs, Lunch 105 King A bonding experience for Korean drama fans.
    KPOP Club Tues, Lunch 204 Gish Meet new people and step out of your comfort zonewhile incorporating a music genre you're a fan of
    Link Crew Fri, Lunch AC Antoncich To connect 9th graders to upperclassmen to support and mentor
    Magic Gathering Thurs, Lunch 224 Simoneaux
    To teach and play Magic: The Gathering with a larger group of people to help them expand their social circles.
    Marine Ecology Club Wed, Lunch 240 Spangenburg Learn about and take care of marine environment
    Math Team Fri, Lunch 321A DiIorio GHS Math Team
    203a Martin Garfield's student led newspaper providing news to Garfield students, staff, and community since 1922
    Mock Trial Tue, After School 227 Lugo Improve public speaking skills and understanding of law
    Model United Nations (MUN) Mon, Lunch 227 Snyder Inform, educate, and explore international affairs
    Multicultural Students Unite (MSU) Wed, Lunch

    Environment where students are educated about different cultures
    Multiracial Student Union Wed, Lunch 226 Lidgard Talk about issues faced by multiracial students at GHS
    Muslim Student Association (MSA) Wed, Lunch Library Manzin A chance for Muslim students to gather and share conversation
    National Honor Society (NHS) Fri, Lunch 223A Leslie Enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates service, and learn leadership skills
    Net Sports Club (Badminton, Volleyball, and ping pong) Friday, Lunch

    To meet new people, and bond over various games such as badminton, volleyball, and table tennis.
    Pen Thurs, Lunch 303A Taylor Publish student art and creative writing in a literary magazine
    Philosophy Club Fri, After School 321 Sample Exploring various schools of thought
    Ping Pong Club Mon/Wed, Lunch 207 Kahn To play ping pong and study the game
    Pool Club Tue/Thu, After School Teen Life Center (TLC) James Play pool
    Pottery Club Mon, After School 303 Flett To learn, create, and promote pottery among GHS students
    Programming Club Mon/Fri, Lunch 115A Bergquist To teach basics to new people and provide a space to discuss proejcts and code, and compete
    Project PengYou Tues, Lunch 207 Wray A Chinese-American group for the advancememnt of mulitculturalism
    Project UNIFY Thurs, Lunch TBA Lugo Involve students with and without disabilities in fun activities
    Pun Club Fri, Lunch 226 Young, D. To have fun with puns and better appreciate bad jokes.
    Random Acts of Kindness (AKA Odd Jobs) Tue, Before School 303 West Brighten the days of everyone in the community!
    Raza Unidas Mon, Lunch 236 Sloan Culturally diverse group (primarily Latino) looking to enhance education at GHS
    Religious Recreation Club Thurs, Lunch 205 Soroko Do games and activities associated with different cultures and religions.
    Richard's Rwanda Thurs, Lunch 207 Kahn Support young girls in Rwanda in their pursuit of education;
    Robotics Club Tue/Thu, After School 115 Bergquist/Fell Explore STEM subjects, design, build, code, and compete
    Seattle Youth Traffic Court Mon, After School 223 Martin A collaboration with Seattle U and the Municipal Court of Seattle in which students hear real traffic cases at the MuniCourt invovling drivers under 18
    Set Club Thurs, Lunch 322 Nomura Use Set as a means of strengthening students' minds
    Smash Bros. Club Wed, Before, Lunch, After 305 Waterman A group of inviting people playing the classic game of Nintendo Smash Bros
    Stargazing Club Fri, Lunch 226 Young, D. Educate about astronomy and stargazing
    Students Against Hunger (Feeding Teens/Harvesting for Homelessness) Tues, Lunch 308 Wojtkowiak Raise awareness and funds to support Seattle's homeless youth
    Tabletop RPG Club Thurs, Lunch 305 Hellman To play tabletop games with other classmates and have fun.
    Teens Against Sexual Assault and Rape Wed, Lunch

    Provide a safe space for students to share or just listen.
    Theoretical and Applied Rocketry Club Wed, Lunch 308 Wojtkowiak To learn about physics, chemistry and engeneering.
    Trivia Club Fri, Lunch 309 Nomura Gather to compete in fun knowledge competitions
    Tutoring Club Fri, After School Couns McBride Matches students struggling in specific classes with those who recieved an A in the class to tutor
    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Fri, Lunch 207 Kahn Improve Vietnamese community, while learning about culture
    Volleyball Mon, Lunch Gym Hamilton Give an opportunity for boys and others to join a vollyball playing group.
    Water First Thurs, Lunch 223 Young, D. Create awareness of the water crisis and fundraise for the cause
    Women in Technology Tue, Lunch 115 Bergquist A STEM based club for GHS girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and math
    YOGA Club Wed, After School 3:45 Sol Yoga Gunn Free, professionally taught yoga classes once a week
    Young Photographers Association Fri, Lunch 301 Louviere To organize, develope and showcase student photographic work.

    The list will be updated as new clubs are added!

    *Note: Clubs listed here include only clubs that meet district ASB requirements. Some activities, such as girls' lacrosse and ultimate frisbee, used to be considered "club sports". Due to district regulations, GHS no longer offers these or other sports as clubs. Please search community resources for information about these activities.

    Questions? Contact Zack Cohen or Ms. Antoncich |!