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    Sarah Antoncich
    Activity Coordinator and Adviser

    Student Government is comprised of the Associated Student Government (ASG) and Associated Student Body (ASB).

    ASB/ASG and Leadership Vision:

    Garfield is...

    • A school that honors our legacy and strives for a future of excellence
    • A united community with equitable opportunities for all students
    • A community that challenges ineffective and inequitable systems, policies, and procedures
    • A place where students are empowered and actively challenge islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ageism, ableism, gender bias, and all forms of discrimination
    • A fully functioning system which facilitates good communication among students, teachers, ASB/ASG, administrators, counselors, parents, coaches, and community members
    • A school that encourages success beyond high school by providing resources and access to information
    • A place where students are actively involved and engaged in the school community
    • A school that fosters respect, personal connections, and community both within and outside of the classroom
    • An inclusive, positive, and friendly environment.

    Adopted 9/8/17

    ASB Elections will be during Advisory on Thursday, 10/19. Running Start or absent students should contact Ms. Antoncich at

    President – Tianna Andresen
    Vice President – Anh Trang
    Secretary – Hannah Luu
    Treasurer – Allen Bickham
    Senator – Zack Cohen
    Adviser - Sarah Antoncich |

    Class of 2018 – 12th Grade
    President – Karl Ingram
    Vice President – Miki Masumoto
    Secretary – Maya Bui
    Treasurer Candidate: Drew Laughlin
    Senator - Denaijah Kennedy-Smith
    Adviser – Kelley Butler |

    Class of 2019 – 11th Grade
    President – Chardonnay Beaver
    Vice President Candidates: Hermela Shiferaw, Simon Dawson
    Secretary Candidates: Sosuna Tedros
    Treasurer – Cedric Hale
    Senator – Marte Borgmann
    Adviser – Dylan Koutsky |

    Class of 2020 - 10th Grade
    President – Anisa Robinson
    Vice President – Talis Mace
    Secretary – Bea Giebel
    Treasurer Candidates: Iris Lerner, Rachel Anderson, Egeljin Myagmarsuren
    Senator Candidates: Sam Treat, Christina Aristides, Simon Woodside, Declan Murray
    Adviser – Ti Dinh |

    Class of 2021 - 9th Grade
    President Candidates: Amarra Marie Andresen, Aziza Alabe, Stanford Kobayashi, Mahsa Mohajeripour, Maxine Eve Embry
    Vice President Candidates: Nina Tran, Benjamin Thomas
    Secretary Candidates: Tarin Santos, Yatin Kukreja
    Treasurer Candidates: Isabelle Wang, Princess Asencio, Sophia Johnson
    Senator Candidate: Claire Balcom

    Adviser – Tim Zimmermann |

    Committee Representatives

    Spirit Cup Chair: Karl Ingram
    PTSA Reps: Tianna Andresen
    PTSA Small Grants Rep: Allen Bickham
    Prom Committee:
    Building Leadership Team Reps: Marte Borgmann, Anisa Robinson
    Drug/Alcohol Committee Reps: Chardonnay Beaver
    Seattle Student Senate Reps:
    Restorative Justice Committee:
    School Climate Rep:
    Positive Behavior Intervention Systems Reps:
    Tech Committee Rep: Cedric Hale