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    Seattle Public Schools has a 2.0 Grade Point Policy.  The policy rquires that all students (grades 9-12) participating in extracurricular/interscholastic activities shall:

    • Maintain a 2.0 term grade point average in at least 5 academic classes and earn 2.5 credits during the previous semester/term
    • Be enrolled in courses that ensure normal progress toward graduation.
    • Maintain the number of credits necessary for advancement to the next grade level.

    All student-athletes must have grade checks conducted every four to six weeks during the sport season.  The student-athlete must maintain eligibility at each grade check.  (Flow charts for grade check dates appear under each sports season.) If the student-athlete is NOT eligible he/she is placed on athletic probation/suspension.

    • If the student-athlete is:
      • "Group A" - (based on previous semester grades), he/she is ineiligible until he/she regain eligibility based on a grade check.
      • "Group B" - (based o previous semester grades), he/she is ineligibile for five weeks.  He/she regarins athletic eligibility based on a five-week grade check.
        • "Group B" student-athletes may be on athletic probation/suspension once per sport season or term.

    Student-athletes academically ineligible may participate in practices, but will not be allowed to play in games until he/she becomes academically eligible.

     Transfer students to Garfield will be required to go through an eligibility hearing with a SeaKing District 2 hearing committee before being cleared to participate in an athletic contest.  All SPS academic eligibility rules apply to transferring students.

    SPS & WIAA Athletic Eligibility, Policies & Information: