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Bone Video

Citation Formats

Garfield Citation Format

Seattle Central Community College Guides

Citation Machine

OWL at Purdue

Easy Bib

Class Links

Marine Science:

Anatomy Project Book List

Literary Criticism: Blue Book Online

Garfield Library Fax: 252-2461

Primary Documents - Truax


Plagiarism and Copyright Resources

Copyright Connection, UW

Internet Access Agreement Form

Plagiarism Court

Plagiarism Power Point, SCCC

Turn It In

Publication Cycle

District Librarians Wiki  - Tips

TRUAX iPad Project

Here is a Google Docs Survey to see how we can best support you on the technology side of your project. 

Only one member of each group needs to fill this unless there are multiple issues.

Project Tasks
(Displays 6/2/2014)
  1. As a group, fill out Google Survey about intended iPad use (one person per group takes the survey).

  2. Create a visual for your project that includes a title slide/page/image and group member slide. Include pictures of members (to demonstrate you know how to use the camera and import an image into a project on the iPad). You can also choose to use a drawing app for the member page.

  3. Create a group quiz using Socrative, Survey Monkey or Poll Everywhere. If you want to use a Google form (like the one above, it's best to create it on a desktop and send the link to Mr. Truax.) We will take your quiz in class later this week. Survey Monkey app should be loaded today.
iPad Resources

(Displays 5/21/2014)
Important guideilnes for using a set of shared ipads.

Listening to music clips on iPads:
  • Post mp3 or ipad-friendly music file (sample) and provide link (Mr. Truax can post link to Fusion)
  • Use free preview clips from music sites such as Amazon (Blowing in the Wind)
  • Use clean search to find appropriate YouTube music videos. (Blowing in the Wind)
Sample apps for creating presentations: 
Note: click and hold link on ipad and choose Open in New Tab
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